Conditions of the exam of Internet Technologies – Server Side

The exam consists of two parts – written and oral. Both parts of the exam will take place online via the Google Meet system. Access is possible using a web browser on a desktop and a mobile phone via the Google Meet mobile application. (In case you don’t have a webcam on your desktop.)

The exam is open to anyone who successfully passes the minimum for credit and is registered for the exam date in the university information system. The exam takes place live, with the camera and microphone switched on (as described later). Failure to attend the exam without an acceptable excuse is classified as failed.

The written part of the exam

The first part of the exam is the practical part. At the start of the exam, all participants will meet in the „central room“ – online room mentioned in the university information system (UIS). It is recommended to switch off microphone and webcam in this room and during the exam, it is used only as a one-way information distribution channel – from the examiner to students. It is allowed to ask here via chat in case of problems or common questions. The examiner will distribute individual links to students‘ online examination rooms via the central room.

Students have one hour to fulfill the requirements of the task published in Moodle. The practical part is done in a separate online room (each student has assigned his/her own), where a student shares audio, video, and desktop with an examiner. In this room, the microphone must be switched on and webcam must be on and focused on the student during the whole exam.

When student finishes practical part, he/she can start the exam quiz in Moodle.

When you are finished with quiz, write the information in the central room. Thus the queue for an oral part will be established.

The oral part of the exam

When it is your turn, the examiner will connect to your (individual) room and discuss your solution with you. It is necessary to understand all the written code you will upload to the server. When you are not sure what does the code do or you don’t understand the code well (any part including any single used character), it can worsen the exam result. Simply: don’t use any code which you are not familiar with.

Final result is concluded from credit points (at least 60) and written part (at last 60). Altogether it must count at least 125 points.

Technical problems

In the case of repeated technical problems, please solve the situation immediately with the examiner by phone (Václav Lohr: +420 734170772).